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Ralph Parker with his new gun and his eagle eye stopped at the limit of the game law and left a couple of prairie chickens for the newspaper family.

A. Amundson and Robert Craig went to Platte Tuesday evening on business, and while they were on the return train concluded to go to Chamberlain to see the new sights here.

Two seperator outfits have been landed by A. Amundson and C.W. Rathbun, the traveling salesman of the Avery people. No other town on this line can compare in any way with this infant burg, and particularly in machinery sales of the two firms here.

Rev. E.H. Grant, Sunday school superintendant of the state, was the guest of Rev. Berry and other friends several days this week and will remain over Sunday and preach instead of Rev. McClement of Platte, who was to have exchanged pulpits with Mr. Berry, but his hay fever was not in the least generous to him.

Mesdeames Adam Grimes and John Absher and Misses Minnie Absher and Dora Amundson came up from Wagner Monday evening and were guests of the Amundson home. The former returned next day and left the young ladies to enjoy the tastes of combination city and resort life. Miss Alma Heligas, a teacher in the Tyndal schools, joined them Wednesday.

H.G. Harris, representing the Sioux Falls Daily Press, was in town Tuesday and wrote up a glowing description of Lake Andes, its agricultural surroundings and hunting, fishing, and resort features, aided by photos of the town. He has been joined by J.N. Harris, D.C. Ricker, and Los Mulvey of his home city, and together they will assist in opening the game season.