Title: Untitled [Ye editor took a few days vacation]


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Ye editor took a few days vacation at Lake Andes last week, the guest of Albert Amundson. We have had an invitation from that gentleman several times this spring to come down to his town and enjoy a few days fishing. During the past few years we have enjoyed many fishing excursions to Lake Andes but on most of our trips the fish were not in a catchable humor. In any event while we always enjoyed our trips to the Lake we were seldom able to brag on our prowess as a fisherman; but on this trip we beat all of our past records, as we caught about forty fine bass and were able bring home enough to pass around a mess to many of neighbors to prove that we had become "some fisherman While we were at the Lake we also enjoyed a fine auto ride out into the country with Druggist O.C. Nicolls, who now drives a fine 35 horse power Studebaker auto. The country north and east of Lake Andes looks beautiful. Large farm buildings, groves, and a variety of crops in a most thrifty condition greeted the eye on all hands and on this trip we saw some of the finest fields of alfalfa that we have ever seen anywhere. The country around the lake has been favored with some heavy rains this spring and as a consequence, together with good farming, the crops in that locality never looked better at this time of year. - Wheeler Courier.