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Kimball Graphic: The Lake Andes Wave remarks that the bass in the lake act very peculiar this season for some reason or other. And it is even so. Fact is, they always do. When they do not something evidently is wrong with them. The man who thinks he knows all about the habits of black bass doesn't know the first thing about the critters. The more experienced the angler the less he claims to know. The best of them can't select a good fishing day and deliver the goods more than once in times to bat. One day the bass will strike at anything within striking distance, and you'll reel in nine out of ten that strike. The next day or the day after, or the day after that, with exactly the same temperature, wind and weather conditions, you won't get a strike — or if you do, you can't hook them. Moreover, much of this talk about the bass taking one bait one day and another kind another day is moonshine when applied to the big mouth variety. When they are striking freely one bait is as good as another if not better.

The town has been full of strangers this week, who are enjoying the fishing at the lake. And the fishing has been pretty good, in fact, better than for the past two or three weeks. as a consequence everyone was well supplied with fish.