Title: Indian Farmers Meeting


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Indian Farmers Meeting

White Swan Indian Farmers Association held one of their most successful meetings last Thursday. New officers elected are: President, Ben LaGrande; Vice-President, James Hoyu; Secretary, Joe Gassman; Assistant Secretary, Arthur Stone; Treasurer, Alexander Hornedeagle. After election of officers a nice lunch was served, to which the large crowd did ample justice, and this was followed by carrying out the regular program previously arranged. Everyone present responded promptly as their names were called. This program was closed by a rousing debate the judges deciding those championing corn vs. wheat had produced the better argument hence it was decided that corn was a better crop for the Indian to plant than wheat.

The following program is arranged for the next meeting which will be held at the same place on February 29, 1916. All members are urged to be present and visitors will be welcomed:

What I saw in testing for percentage of moisture in appearantly apparently dry corn and the effect of this high moisture percentage on seed corn. —Thomas Hunter.

Advantages of raising alfalfa and best methods of planting the same. —Joseph H. Ellis and Ben Vandal.

Land best adapted to wheat and time for sowing the same— Aruthur Stone, Alex Hornedeagle, Herbert Picotte and Edwin Garfield.

Best time and manner of planting corn: Henry Stewart, Isaac Dion, Bazil Williams and Mr. Field.

Planting and care of potatoes—Joseph Rondell, George Marshall and Andrew Garfield. Resolved that it is better for the Indian to be released from Government supervision than to remain a ward of the Government. Affirmative: Jack Moran, Charles Felix, Peter Shield, Paul Picotte and Charles Doherty. Negative: Joseph Ellis, Alex Hornedeagle, Arthur Stone, Joe Ookiye and Charles LeClaire.

Superintendent Leech and possibly Major James McLaughlin and McPherson of the Competency Commission will be present at this meeting to address the crowd.

—Nic Conner, Govt. Farmer.