Title: Indian Farmers' Association


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Indian Farmers' Association

The White Swan Indian Farmers' Association held a most successful meeting on February 29th. Some fifty Indians were present and a rousing program was carried out. All who were assigned to prepare subjects answered promptly, except Thomas Hunter, who was unable to be present.

After the program J. F. Moran marshaled his warriors in the persons of Peter Shield, Charles Felix and Paul Picotte and attempted to prove that the Indians would be better off without governmental supervision. Opposing this proposition Arthur Stone, assisted by the able orators, Joseph Ellis, Jr., Alex Hornedeagle and Charles Doherty, succeeded in convincing the judges that the present method was a better proposition and therefore poor Lo should remain a ward of the Great White Father for an indefinite period.

It was arranged to have the last meeting of the season on March 15, but owing to the fact that Superintendent Leech could not attend on that date it was postponed to March 22, at which time the superintendent assures us he will be present and assist in carrying out the following program:

Address— Supt. Leech.

Thos. Hunter— Same subject as last assigned.

Need of cleanliness and more sanitary homes for Indians— Peter Shield, Isaac Dion, Herbert Picotte and Blue Leg.

Managing a farm— Joseph Ellis, Hank Stewart and Joseph Ookiye.

Gardening— Walter Deronda, Snowboy, Ben Vandal, Arthur Stone.

Debate: "Resolved that drilling wheat is a better method of planting than to broadcast it." Affirmative: Paul Picotte, James Wind, Peter Shield and J. F. Moran. Negative: Joseph Ellis, Charles Felix, Chas. Doherty and Ben Vandal.