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The White Swan Indian Farmers Association will meet at the John Whitemain Dance Hall, January 29, 1916 at 11 o'clock a. m. at which meeting new officers will be elected, all members registered and an afternoon program arranged.

It is the desire of Indian affairs and the local officials that all Indians and mixed bloods in this vicinity attend these meetings and it will be considered by those in charge that all who refuse or neglect to do so will not ask any favors or special recognition from those in charge here.

It is expected that the Competency Committee, headed by Maj. McLaughlin, will be present in the afternoon. If they have not arrived they will be present at a later meeting. In any event the Superintendent will be present and requests a good attendance.

Nick Connors,

Government Farmer.

N. Vandal returned Wednesday night from Enid, Oklahoma, he had been visiting at the home of his daughter and family. Vandal is looking fine and says enjoyed the trip.