Title: Local Sportsmen Endorse Advance Fish License Plan


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South Dakota's game and fish department is making an appeal to everybody that likes to fish to buy their 1934 fishing license during the state-wide drive on Friday and Saturday, March 23-24. The purpose is to get an early estimate of revenue for the coming season so that a constructive program can be outlined.

It must be borne in mind that this is the only state department which separates wholly on its own revenue and without any state appropriation. The brunt of the heavy conservation program of the past two years has been borne entirely by the game and fish department, while on the other hand greatly depleted revenue from sales of licenses has almost forced a cessation of activities.

Local sportsmen who are interested in seeing fish hatchery and other conservation operations function properly during the drought and depression have organized to help out over the advance license sale plan. They feel that it is the duty of everyone, who can, to buy their licenses now and help the game department face a trying situation. Considering the splendid co-operation the game commission has given us on our local lake projects, it is only a fair case of reciprocity. Don't wait to be solicited. Whether or not you expect to go fishing this year, buy a dollar license! Step in to Savage's hardware on Friday or Saturday or come across with a smile when asked to buy!