Title: Banquet Served To Leading Politicians


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A banquet was served Tuesday night at L. Serine's to a few of the leading politicians of the town. A. Renner was the instigator. The boys report an enjoyable time. It is not definitely known who "obtained" the fish.

F. A. Anderson suffered a serious injury to his foot Sunday by having it caught in the engine on his new gasoline boat. The injury has made it necessary for Frank to use a crutch in getting about the past week.

The Yankton District Convention of the Y. M. C. A. was held at the Cedar church about 8 miles southeast of Lake Andes June 4-7. The convention was opened with a sermon by Rev. Selwyn. After roll call and election of officers, addresses were heard upon various topics of practical bearing upon the work of the associations and churches. A daily bible lesson was given by Dr. Williamson. Rev. Lawbert of White Swan was also among the speakers. About 200 delegates were present from Yankton, Santee and Crow Creek


locating here for the practice of dental surgery. We are in receipt of a letter from Dr. Krall in which he states he will be in Lake Andes in about three weeks to look after any work in the optical line. The doctor has spent the past year in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

There will be a lawn social Saturday eve, June 13, at the homes of Mesdames Amundson, Payne and Johnson for the benefit of the Ladies' Cemetery Association. Ice cream and cake will be served. Everybody come and help along a food cause.

Chas. T. Kyte received the sad intelligence, on Wednesday after-noon, that his father had died that day. Mr. and Mrs. Kyte left Thursday morning for Oceola, Iowa, where the funeral will be held. Our sympathies are extended to the family.

Parties who have been fishing bull-heads from off their nests in the lake lately, had better stop it as this is against the game law and Game Warden Branch has threatened to arrest any one who . . .