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Protection for the Birds

It is deemed proper to call attention to the law regarding the protection of wild birds of the state. The law of the state declares all wild birds the property of the state, and further declares, "No person shall, within the state of South Dakota, kill or catch or have in his or her posession​ , living or dead, any wild bird other than a game bird." The penalty for violation of this law is fixed at a fine of $5.00 for each offence, and an additional fine of $5.00 for each bird, living or dead, or part of bird, or nest, or set of eggs or part thereof, possessed in violation of this act; or to imprisonment for thirty days, or both, at the discretion of the court."

Boys who may have a disposition to shoot the birds or molest their nests, should have their attention directed to the danger in which such acts place them. No one cares to be known as a law-breaker, much less as one convicted of same. Let the law be known, let it be respected, let it be obeyed, and then will the rising generation become law-abiding citizens.