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J. W. Lindsay was up from Lake Andes over Sunday. His family are still in California.

Attorney Tipton went to Yankton Monday on legal business and Mrs. Tipton went to Lake Andes to visit until his return.

Attorney Beck went to Wagner Wednesday on legal business and Friday will have some cases at Lake Andes, brought by the county game warden.

S. P. Jewett caught eight bass at Lake Andes Friday afternoon that weighed 40 pounds. He has fished more or less for fifty years and said the sport Friday was the best he ever had.

Ben Newnehuis was arrested Saturday evening for selling food fish taken from Lake Andes. He plead guilty and got a good stiff fine. There is evidence that fish have been dynamited at the lake, there having been found several hundred fish on the bank of the lake, washed there by the waves. If anyone has any evidence of this work being done they should notify the game warden, that the guilty parties might be promptly punished. If this work is continued it will soon depopulate the lake of fish.

The reception Thursday evening at the Congregational church in [?]