Title: Committee To Consider Revision of Game Laws


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On December 4 State Came​ Warden Bancroft will meet at Huron the committee of seven appointed to consider the changing and perhaps complete revision of South Dakota game laws. The committee consists of Enoch Norbeck, of Platte; Hon. C. N. Herried, of Aberdeen; T. H. Null of Huron; C H. Englesby, of Watertown; A. L. Wyman, of Yankton; Charles Woodland, of Sansarc; T. J. Milek, of Sturgis. This meeting is to be public and it is the desire of the committee and game warden that any citizen of the state who is interested in the game department either attend the meeting in person and there give suggestions and views or write to any member of the comnittee his ideas for changes and revisions in the law that now exists.