Title: New Hunting Law


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The new federal hunting law recently gone into effect has caused considerable comment from the local sportsmen, also from other localities. It was thought at first that the new law would prohibit the shooting of ducks, etc., on the inland lakes, but later reports do not confirm this. As taken now, the law only applies to the shooting of ducks, etc., on rivers, with the exception of spring shooting which is to be abolished in all parts of the United States. As the law now reads an all around closed season has been decreed on the Mississippi river from New Orleans to Minneapolis, the Ohio river from its mouth to Pittsburg, and on the Missouri river from the mouth to Bismark, North Dakota.

Two zones, comprising all of the continental states and territories, have been established by the agricultural department. The first or breeding zone includes states lying wholly or in part north of latitude 40 degrees and the Ohio river. Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota are in this zone, the second, of wintering zone, comprises all states south of the 40 degree line.

The closed season on waterfowl in zone No. 1 shall be between December 16 and the next following September 1, it is provided. Some exceptions are made. In Minnesota and North Dakota the season shall be closed until September 7, and in South Dakota until September 10.

On shore birds, including plover, jacksnipe and yellowlegs, the closed season will be from December 16 until September 1, with similar exceptions in the cases of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

A five-year continuous closed season will go into effect over the United States on the following game birds, Band-tailed pigeons, cranes, swan, curlew and all shore birds except those mentioned as open for shooting.

It shall be unlawful to kill any migratory or insectivorous birds between sunset and sunrise. Insectivorous birds are to be protected from shooting during all parts of the for scientific purposes.

A maximum fine of $100 or imprisonment for ninety days or both fine and imprisonment, are fixed as penalties for infringment of the federal game law.

As we view the law it does not affect the hunting on Lake Andes with the exception of spring shooting. Any comments the local sportsmen or others wish to make on the subject will be gladly published.