Title: A Good Suggestion


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Five special deputy game wardens to assist the three regular state game wardens have been appointed to help enforce the hunting laws the coming season. A noticeable fact is that Lake Andes is left without any protection. It would seem that a lake this large should be entitled to one of the game wardens.



Bonesteel Herald: There is a move on foot to establish a fish hatchery in this state. There is sufficient money in the game fund to do this. We are surprised that the people tributary to Lake Andes are not after this hatchery. There is where it ought to be located and the people of that part of the state are foolish if they do not make a vigorous campaign to land it at the lake. During the past five years there have been many thousands of fish taken from the lake, and if there is not something done to keep the lake stocked it will not be long until the supply is depleted. There is no better place in the west for bass fishing than at Lake Andes, people for 200 miles around spend a few days there every year. We are for Lake Andes for the new fish hatchery.