Title: New Fish Law


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The local fishermen and others will be interested in the new fishing law which goes into effect July 1st. Several changes are noticeable and everyone should become familiar with its provisions and, like true sports, live up to them.

The new law puts a limit on the number of game fish a person is allowed to catch in a day, the limit being 25. It also gives the size of the fish that can be taken from the streams, bass must be at least six Inches long and pike are to be eight inches.

No person shall catch, take, kill or have In possession or under control any variety of trout, except lake trout, between November 1st and April 1st following; nor any bass, shad, pike, croppies, perch, sunfish or catfish, or any other variety of food fish, between the first day of March and the first day of May following.

No person shall catch, take or kill more than 25 fish except perch or bull heads in any one day, nor in any other manner than by angling for them with a hook and held in the hand or attached to a rod so held, nor with more than 2 lines or with more than 3 hooks attached thereto, and no person shall have in his possession any fish caught, taken or killed in any of the waters of this state, except as provided by law.

Suckers, redhorse, buffalo, pickerel, carp and bullheads may he taken with a spear, without limit, at any time except upon boundary streams between South Dakota and bordering states. but no artificial lights shall be used in taking of said fish during May and June of each year.

The state game commission may at such times as deemed proper permit the sceining of scavenger and non-game fish from the inland streams and lakes of the state.

It shall be unlawful for any person to catch, take or kill or have in possession for any purpose whatever, any pike less than eight inches in length, or any bass, shad, croppies or other kind of food fish less than 6 inches in length. Perch are classed as food fish.