Title: Game Wardens Intend Making Frequent Visits


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Armour Chronicle: The deputy state game warden has been in this vicinity for the past week, having heard the law had been broken on every hand and he determined to to​ put a stop to it. He held out at the lake for several days last week and was fortunate enough, we understand, to catch a party near Lake Andes in the act of shooting ducks. There was another violator of the law at this end of the lake that was badly scared, but being on the other side of the lake from the game warden, it was impossible to get across in time to identify him, but was pretty sure that the party whom he saw shooting ducks had seen the officer of the law coming, and had made the best of his time and changed his wearing apparel by the time the game warden had got across the lake and was laying in the barn apparently unconcerned. No doubt he will be more careful in the future. The warden found a large fish net set in the lake and confiscated same, burning it up. All persons who have been given to breaking the law in this part of the state—and there are many— will do well to remember, not only at the lake, but in the country as well, that the game wardens have automobiles at their demand, and intend making frequent visits, dropping in when they are least expected. There is a federal law prohibiting the shooting of wild fowl at certain seasons of the year and the line for this offense is anywhere from $100 to $500. We cannot see for one minute why anyone should want to slaughter our wild fowl out of season when there is plenty of time to get all you want after the season opens up. Let us be true sportsmen and cut this business out of killing everything in sight, or ere long hunting in these parts will be a thing of the past.