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W. H. Fowler expects to go to Omaha Friday to attend the automobile show and then return to Sioux City and visit the show there.

W. A. Foster was up from Wheeler Monday,to meet his wife who was returning home from Des Moines, Ia. Mr. Foster will occupy the Exon farm this season. He said there was four inches of snow in the timber where it did not drift.

The state game warden has contracted with a Wisconsin party for a supply of wild rice to plant in a number of lakes in South Dakota. An effort should be made to get some of this rice for Lake Andes. It is a great feed for wild ducks and if grown at the lake will likely induce larger numbers of these birds to nest there and they will remain longer in the fall. The deputy game warden should see to it that this county gets a supply.

Meetings are being held by the M. E. and Congregational people looking to a union of both churches. A [?]