Title: Movement for Lake Andes Fish Hatchery Started


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A fish hatchery for Lake Andes. That's the movement that has been started and is now under good headway. Why the game and fish commission have not looked into the merits of this lake as a suitable location for a fish hatchery is the wonder of all who at all acquainted with the conditions that prevail. It is one of the largest lakes in the state, the best bass fishing lake in the state and one of the very best in the United States, and has a great many other advantages that make it an ideal location for a hatchery. The one fact that the state game and fish commission are unable to supply the large demand for bass, and the fact that this lake has proven such suitable grounds for this game fish, ought to an exceptionally strong point in favor of establishing a hatchery here. The movement has the united backing of every lover of fishing in this section of the state, all of whom are for a hatchery here or want to know the reason why.