Title: Why Not Charles Mix?


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The suggestion has been called to our attention that governors of several different states have at times called a state wide good roads day, when everyone turned out and worked on the roads, thus accomplishing in one day what otherwise would take several months, perhaps years. Why couldn't the mayors of the towns in this county have a meeting and select a good roads day, have each business place close its doors and spend the day on the roads? Not only the business men in the towns, but the farmers also would be willing to help. We venture the assertion that there is at least one thousand men in this county who would be willing to put in a days work for the betterment of the roads, which if totaled up in dollars and cents would mean quite a sum, and if figured by the benefits to be derived, both by the farmers and business men, would mean a great deal more.

There has been a great deal of talk about a good road through this county, and an organization was formed at one time to further this purpose. We do not wish to "jump in" on them or anything of the sort but merely offer the above as a suggestion.