Title: Thatcher To Continue To Labor for Good Roads


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Bonesteel Pilot: Col. Thatcher of the Washington Highway was in the city Tuesday finishing the marking of the road. He was on his way to Ft. Randall and Charles Mix county where he will continue his labor in the interest of good roads and the Washington Highway. He has perfected an organization of the Washington Highway Association in this city and in the future the care of the road in this section is in the hands of the people.

The Colonel has done a great work in this county and the thanks of the people are due him. He is un questionably​ the greatest good roads advocate that has ever visited this section and has aroused great enthusiasm which we hope will continue for many years.

Good roads in this county along the route of the Washington Highway is no great feat or expense, requiring but little work compared with other sections where they have much better roads. Let us keep up the good road work and get it in the front rank.