Title: The Washington Highway


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The Sioux City Journal of Monday contained a long interview with Col. Thatcher in regards the work and plans of the Washington Highway. It said in part:

"There will be a paved road over the Washington Memorial Highway route between Sioux City and Chicago in less than two years, yesterday declared Col. Charles W. Thatcher of Washington, D. C., engineer and prime mover in the transcontinental highway project. He spent several hours in Sioux City enroute from Vermillion, S. D., to Chamberlain where he will speak Tuesday at a highway meeting."

And continuing told of the success he had been meeting with in South Dakota during the past fall and winter, also telling of the advantages to be gained by Sioux City having this highway. In regards the route he said:

"The Washington road will enter Sioux City on the west from Elk Point. From there the road will go to Fort Dodge, across the Mississippi river at Dubuque and then to Chicago and east to Washington. From Elk Point the highway will run to Yankton, through Wagner to Lake Andes, and will branch off to the Yellowstone park by the way of Platte and Chamberlain. The main route will cross the Missouri river and Ft. Randall and from there will go west to the Pacific coast.

The South Dakota legislature at its last session voted to urge congress Congress to build a government bridge across the river at Fort Randall, Col. Thatcher said. He declared that United States Senator E. S. Johnson of Yankton, S. D., has declared he will do all in his power to have a bridge built at this point. For the present a pontoon bridge will be used."

This highway means a great deal more to this city and county than many of our citizens realize, for it will be but a few years until Colonel Thatcher sees the realization of his plans for this great highway. When this time comes his name will go down as one of the greatest benefactors of mankind.