Title: Lake Andes To Be on Washington Highway


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Col. Thatcher, who is laying out the Washington Highway, which road runs from New York to San Francisco, accompanied by W. F. Kinnie, Geo. Torrence, J. W. Jury, Theo. Johnson of Burke; W. H. Cox and Peter J. Miller of Fairfax, was in this city last Thursday. The object in coming here was to find a suitable crossing of the Missouri river, and at Ft. Randall the party found the right place. A meeting was held at the hall and Col. Thatcher addressed those present and gave his views on road problems. He claims that the road is all marked with painted signs west, and all that is left to do is to fix the roads to the good road across the state of Iowa, there being good roads from there on. From here the party went to Wagner, then on to Running Water and back to Fairfax. Word was received Saturday morning that the crossing at Ft. Randall had been decided on and that Lake Andes would therefore be on the great Washington highway. If we understand the matter right the Colonel will be back here in the near future and hold a few public meetings to work up a good roads fever, and in all probability set aside a day for everyone to get out and do a little work. And when it comes to making a good roads speech the gentleman is there and over, and not a person that heard him last Thursday but what will be present at any other meetings he may hold in this vicinity.