Title: October 14th Set as Good Roads Day


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October 14th Set as Good Roads Day

Since Col. Thatcher's visit and speeches in this neighborhood. enthusiasm for the Washington Highway has jumped several notches and everyone is boosting for the road. The gentleman spoke in this city a week ago Monday night, at Wagner last Thursday night, Avon Friday night, Ravinia Saturday night, Byrne school house Sunday afternoon, Dante Sunday night, and Tyndall Monday night. At each meeting large crowds greeted the gentleman and promises were secured to in sure work along the road marked out. The last meeting to be held in this city will be next Monday evening, at the Remington hall, when and where everyone should be present and show their interest in the undertaking. After the meeting we understand, a smoker will be given to which all are invited. Col. Thatcher has gone over the entire route of the proposed highway, and has same marked to within twelve miles of Fairfax. and when the road is completed to Sioux City his task will be completed, as the road there joins the good road across the state of Iowa and connects with other good roads to New York.

The plans that have been maped​ out set aside Wednesday. October 14th, as good roads day, when everyone is expected to turn out and spend the day working on the roads. Not only in this vicinity but across the entire state will see people working on the roads on this day. The last meeting to be held by Col. Thatcher in this district will be at Tyndall on Monday evening, October 10th. The commercial clubs from the surrounding towns and from Yankton and Sioux City have promised they will have delegations at this meeting, cousequently​ a very enthusiastic gathering is looked for.

A similar good roads day was set for the Rosebud country on September 11th, and drew men from all professions to aid in building a good road across the Rosebud country. The day brought the desired results and also left a good deal of enthusiasm for good roads in the minds of the people, who will see that their part of the Washington Highway is always kept in the best of shape.

Tuesday Col. Thatcher returned to Lake Andes and was accompanied from here to Chamberlain by a number of cars. The purpose of this trip was for the marking out of the Yellowstone Trail, leading to the Yellowstone Park. If conditions were found to his liking the Colonel proposed to use the Washington Highway to this city and from here branch off to Chamberlain, going through Geddes and Platte in this county, and from Chamberlain on west. Three cars from here and one from Wagner went through to Chamberlain, being joined by cars from Geddes and Platte. A number of cars went as far as Geddes, returning after a very enthusiastic meeting which was held in Geddes, and at which place the citizens showed considerable enthusiasm and willingness to do their part in securing the Yellowstone Trail through their city. The Geddes band was out to meet the delegation and a large crowd gathered at the city hall to listen to Col. Thatcher's talk. We understand another meeting will be held in their city tonight.

If the farmers who do not live on the line of the proposed highway, but who travel over the route several miles to their nearest town, will turn out on good roads day and help put the roads in good condition, they will be helping themselves as much as anyone, besides will put themselves in a position to ask that their town people and neighbors help them build their road leading to the highway.

If you live in town and do not own an auto or team, you will reap a benefit by placing the farmer in a position that will enable him to drive to your town to do his trading, or haul his grain and other products to market, or drive his cattle and hogs to the railway station to be shipped to market. "Man liveth not unto himself alone." In helping others he invariably helps himself.

Above all things, do not neglect to attend the meeting in this city next Monday evening and listen to Col. Thatcher propound his doctrine of good mails. If you don't get the fever, we miss our guess.

Between now and the morning of October 14th. talk good roads— boost for them— and then on this day shoulder your shovel or hitch up your team and practice what you preach by appearing for duty. If you have no shovel or team, turn out and use the one some other fellow will provide for you. Join the boosters.