Title: Thatcher's Entry Will Not Soon Be Forgotten


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Tyndall Tribune: Col. Chas. W. Thatcher made his triumphant entry into Tyndall last Saturday afternoon. With the band playing a lively air, the Colonel perched on top of his old spring wagon, piled high with curios, drawn by a pair of Spanish mules, and the little mountain burro tagging along, with dogs barking and children running along behind, made a sight that will not soon to be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to see it. It beat any circus parade that ever came to town, and drew almost as large a crowd. While the band played a suitable air the Colonel commenced painting the signs for the Washington highway down the main thoroughfare of the city. The colors are black, yellow, black, white and black. The black stands for the hidden wealth in the mountains, the yellow for the golden grain of the middle west, and the white for the color of the favorite rose of Washington. Tyndall is now on the Washington highway and anyone will have a fine time getting us off without changing the course of the whole route.