Title: Thatcher Calls Roads Meeting


TEI-encoded XML:

Colonel Thatcher, the main spoke in the Washington Memorial Highway, has called a meeting of good roads enthusiasts at Geddes on April 5th, when matters pertaining to a continuance of work in the spring on this great highway will be talked over. There is no getting away from it, Colonel Thatcher has accomplished more in the way of good roads in this county than has ever been done before, or ever will be in so short a time. In fact he has the people so enthused that the route of his great highway through this county will be one of the best. We have all come to realize the value of this highway to a community, and of good roads, and all through the influence of Colonel Thatcher. Watch the dirt fly in the spring.


Tabor Independent: Our paint and brush artist is waiting for favorable weather when he will take a hike out into the country between here and Tyndall and mark the posts where the Washington Highway is supposed to be running. And this on top of the warning Col. Thatcher has sent into Tabor, that he has the color scheme copyrighted, or patented, we don't know which. The fact is that a thing like the Washington Highway color scheme cannot be copyrighted, because its purpose is not commercial. We'll give the Colonel all credit that is coming to him, but we refuse to be "shooed" away from our purpose by any such thing as a copyright.