Title: Tile for Spillway Completed Tuesday


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The making of the tile for the spillway of the lake which began last August was finished Tuesday at the plant south of the Farmers' elevator. There are 1,004 of these monsters which are aboout about six feet in diameter, outside measurement and five feet in length.

It took about 1700 cubic yards of crushed stone and nigger-heads that was reduced to usable size, of not more than two inches the longest way by L. Donovan and his sons. It took 15,000 100-pound sacks of cement, five carloads of 9-32 in. steel wire, 120 rolls, weighing 1800 pounds to the roll, or probably if in one strand would reach more than five miles.

As it was a federal job and the cement awarded by contract, Nebraska cement dealers under-bid our South Dakota cement plant and got the contract. The cost of making the tile would easily exceed $20,000. The digging of the remainder of the ditch for the tile was halted several weeks ago, because of the lack of funds. When it will be resumed and the work copmleted is not now surmised.