Title: Veteran Citizen Conservation Corps, You Are Welcome in Lake Andes


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Contingent of War Veterans Here to Build a Spillway.

A special train of eight coaches and two baggage cars bearing 250 men and three officers of the Veterans Citizen Conservation Corps No. 1776 of Ft. Des Moines, Ia. arrived at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning and pitched camp at the Amundson resort. These men will erect a spillway for Lake Andes,

They had been expected daily since July 5th, and not until a few hours before their arrival was it learned when they would come.

All are veterans of the Spanish-American and World Wars, and range to age from 31 to 53 years. Seventy-five percent are married and represent nearly every profession or trade — lawyers, doctors, bankers, college graduates, etc. They appear to be above the average of citizens and are welcome to this community.

The officers in charge of the camp are Capt. H.J. Crigger; Lieut. Harry Crawford and Lieut. W.A. Boise, physician.

They left Ft. Des Moines Monday evening on the special train that brought them here. While the railroad company put convenience and speed to their disposal the trip was more or less fatigueing​ , especially in the edibles provided, as each had to be contented with a serving of fruit. Before much else was done a hearty breakfast was provided that addedd a happier out-look to the situation.