Title: Forestry Service Doing Its Best


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Forestry Service Doing Its Best

Work on the completion of the lake spillway is proceeding uninterrruptedly though not as rapidly as many had hoped and expected, but such tasks are painstaking and cannot be performed as a miracle.

The people of Lake Andes in particular and the surrounding country in general should appreciate in its fullest the favor the government has rendered in procuring additional funds to proceed with the completion of the work.

In a recent letter to Senator G. F. Buche of this city, Allen S. Peck, regional forester, Denver, says:

"I am very glad, indeed, to know that you are satisfied with the efforts of the Forest Service to complete the Lake Andes Spillway. I can assure you that it would have been a great disappointment to me if we would have had to leave this uncompleted, and I am very much gratified that Direct Fechner of the Emergency Conservation Work could see his way clear to authorize us to go ahead. This project was obviously too big to be handled as a Civilian Conservation Corps job, but after once getting into it it would have been very regrettable if we had had to leave it partly done. I hope that nothing will interfere with the smooth and efficient progress of the work, since we have a definite limitation on the amount of funds which can be spent, and if we cannot finish it within the limits of Mr. Fechner's authorization it will certainly be a disappointment to all concerned.

"Your interest and cooperation and that of the entire community is appreciated, and I know that we can count on you to help if any situation should arise which would require your help. Mr. Higgins and I have taken a deep personal interest in this project, as have other members of the Forest Service concerned, and I hope that when completed it will be found to be a valuable asset to the State of South Dakota and a great help in conservation and effective use of water."