Title: Chairman correspondence


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Watertown, May 29, 1933.

Mr. E. E. Allgier, Lake Andes, South Dakota.

Dear Duffy:

Chairman, C. K. Snyder has asked me for a complete report of fish sent out during the last year including our pike and pickerel work this spring so kindly give me what ever whatever you have not sent in before.

We just finished up getting our stuff out of this Kampeska hatchery Saturday night and now its bass, bullheads, and rough fish work.

Hope your bullheads that came from here are getting along O. K. and that we have a fine hatch in the pond from them. Redfield ponds got a fine supply of those breeders so we ought to have a lot of young stuff in due time.

Have had considerable rain in this section and it put some water in Kampeska lake but we can stand a hell of a lot more of it. Read in the papers where the water blowed out of Lake Andes into Johnson's bay and took the fish with it, that was some story.

Hope things are O. K. with you and please mail me the dope on the fish sent out soon as convenient.

Very truly yours,

R. L. Ripple