Title: Lake Andes as It Is Viewed Afar


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Lake Andes As It Is Viewed Afar

Editor Spencer News Sees a Splendid Future for the Webfeet.

Editor Seifert in his Spencer News last week has this to say of his visit here:

"Last Friday morning, accompanied by our little son Harry, we started on a little trip to Lake Andes, in Charles Mix. * * * We got to Tyndall finally and transferrred onto the 'Squaw Central," and at 6:15 arrived at Lake Andes, where we were met by our old friend Phil McGuire, the section foreman, whose residence was left two and one-half miles out whom the present town of Lake Andes was located, and as yet the Milwaukee railroad company, as Mr. McGuire expressed it, 'has not felt able to move it to the town.' Mr. McGuire and his estimable family entertained us in the finest style, and did everything to make our stay pleasant, and to say that we greatly enjoyed their hospitality would be putting it entirely too mildly.

"We spent the time while there in hunting and fishing with the usual hunters' luck. The lake is a beautiful sheet of water from a half to a mile wide and 12 miles long. It is fed by two artesian wells but in by the government, and the water is as clear as crystal and teeming with fish. The land adjoining the lake is nearly all 'allotment land' that is alloted to the Indians by the government, but there are quite a few white settlers scattered over the prairie. Some of the Indians have good houses and cultivate a portion of the land but the greater part is used for grazing and hay.

"The town of Lake Andes, which is only about four months old, is a specimen of western enterprise, and already has several hundred inhabitants, three elevators and the fourth one being built, several general stores, drug store, two barber shops, a newspaper. The Lake Andes Wave, ably edited by Bro. Fry, and numerous other business institutions, such as hotels, restaurants, billiard halls, etc. The town is bound to be a boomer in the near future - and probably the county seat at no distant day."