Title: A Trip To Lake Andes


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Last Friday in company with Treasurer Evers, Auditor Gibson and Clerk Rouse ye editor went to Lake Andes on a fishing excursion. We returned on a Saturday evening with seventy-five fish and well pleased with our catch and with the enjoyment we had throughout the trip. Our stay at the lake was made most pleasant by the courtesy of some of the business men of Lake Andes. Mr. T.E. Andrews supplied us with boats and fish-poles. Mr. W.B. Gilreath took us down to the lake and showed us where and how to catch fish. A. Vander Voort and Editor Thompson came down to the lake late in the evening to help us care for the fish we had caught and the next morning Albert Amundson took us for a six mile ride in his gasoline launch which he has recently constructed. This craft is 28 feet long and skips through the water propelled by a three horse gasoline engine. The boat will carry fifteen persons. Other parties are remodeling the machinery on the Latham excursion boat and this boat too will soon be at the service of pleasure seekers on the lake.

Lake Andes is a model place for an outing and in the near future will be known far and wide as a pleasure resort which good fishing and good hunting will insure.—Wheeler Courier.