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J. Beagle, W.B. Bowman, F.E. Cochran and Fred Flint composed a fishing party to Lake Andes Saturday returning Monday. The outing was greatly enjoyed and a nice string of black bass was brought home as a reward for the long drive over and back. The above party was joined at the lake by Harry Dettman and Fred Rogers' who piloted us to the fishing grounds and joined in fascinating sport. Harry has secured a good job at Lake Andes with the Queal Lumber Co. and likes his new home. Fred Rogers will be remembered by many Fairfax people as being one of the former publishers of the old Sund Review, now a resident of Lake Andes. If you want to forget your business cares for a few days just hie away to the lake and fishing rod and a goodly supply of the right brand of bait. —Fairfax Advertiser.