Title: Doings of the County


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Doings of the County

Geddes News

G.H. Struve and family were up from Lake Andes Saturday afternoon by automobile.

Carl Weber, one of the successful farmers residing near Lake Andes, was a pleasant caller at this office Friday.

The News is under obligations to its foreman, Dick Robertson, for some fine bass handed us the first of the week. The party captured twenty-nine at Lake Andes.

Miss Mary Struve returned to her home in Lake Andes Saturday. Misses Irene Minahan and Stella Baker accompanied her and spent Sunday, returning Sunday evening by auto.

The motor boats ordered by C.W. Pratt and John Kreitle arrived at Lake Andes Friday and were placed on the lake Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Davis went to Dezera Saturday to see their boat.

The excavation is completed for the Farmers' elevator and the found-...