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Sioux City Tribune: After a four days' automobile drive through a South Dakota snow storm, Ralph Wigton, local agent for the Haskins & Beaty Company, returned to Sioux City yesterday. It will be a long time before residents of Mitchell and Lake Andes can figure out how he came through the storm. Mr. Wigton was driving near Mitchell when he was overtaken by the storm. He continued to Lake Andes. It was easy enough to climb the hills, he said; the difficulty came when he tried to go down them. On more than one occasion when the car was stuck he had to obtain help to shovel away the snow on the down grade. The east road was completely blocked with snow. Only the north and south road was open, so Mr. Wigton drove to Sioux Falls and then to Sioux City. "I never saw so much snow or so many ducks," said Mr. Wigton. "The country around Lake Andes is alive with the birds. I was afraid I would be arrested for killing a few ducks without having a state license. They were so thick on the road that I could hardly keep from running over them. Of course, had I been arrested I could have pleaded self-defense."