Title: From the Boosters


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The following letter from one of the party of Sioux Falls boosters, who recently visited our city, explains itself:
Messrs. Schliessmann & Martin,
Lake Andes, S.D.

It would have caused a broad smile to break over your faces if you had been able to have seen the Sioux City Trade Boosters at breakfast Wednesday morning, following the presentation by the citizens of your city of that splendid string of bass.

I don't know when I ever enjoyed anything more than carrying the bass down to the train. I handed it over to our colored book, who put the fish on ice (after cleaning them.) Tehy were as delicious a morsel as I ever ate. The Sioux City Trade Boosters will always remember Lake Andes, the cordial greeting, and good bass which you presented them with.

I hope you will plan to visit Sioux City this fall, so we will have an opportunity to return to you in part your hospitality.

I want to compliment you on the very nice show window which you had in exhibition at your store. It was one of the nicest windows we saw anywhere on our trip.

Your very truly,

Per Geo. M. Evenson.