Title: Iceboat Sailing Is New Pastime

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C. M. Renshaw is sinking a tubular well on his lots in the west part of town. When the Townsite company sank the artesian well for Major Harding it struck a good quality of soft water at a depth of about 300 feet. Mr. Renshaw expects to reach the same vein and furnish water to the community. In other words, he'll be the veritable town pump.

Wheeler Courier: A new pastime, which many of the old and most of the young folks in Lake Andes and the surrounding country are enjoying these days, is a sail on an iceboat. Boats of various sizes have been constructed, to which sails are attached, and the occupants enjoy a sail of 12 miles up the lake. By tacking sail they can return to the starting point, making a 24-mile ride. A speed of 30 miles an hour is reported, and those who have tried it say it is a bracing experience.