Title: Fourth of July Celebrated at Lake Andes

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Of the many quiet ways devised for the celebration of the Fourth, there is perhaps no crowd of people who had a more enjoyable time, than the picnic partys on the lake. Gaily decked out in colors the Belle of Andes at ten in the morning, taking a large crowd to the upper end of the lake, and returned to take the second load. On the arrival at the upper end the big boat was moored while a gay and jolly party of some thirty-five persons crowded into the large sailing sloop of Messrs. Warren, Donovan and Yeager, which had been towed up for their convenience and sailed merrily away on a voyage of discovery. The craft having been provisioned by the ladies. The welcome cry of Land Ho, soon sounded from our look out, who had climbed the mast and perched himself on the main-To-gallant mizzen fore sheets somewhere about the crow's nest, just which we were unable to determine, not being acquainted with sailors nomeclature, and being somewhat dizzy from various nautical terms that were being bandied about by Captain Warren and Look-out Yeager. Such as haul in the main braces, clew up that To gallant, hold her up to the weather and haul in the slack, which by the way must have been the slack in his suspenders, it being mess time. The land in question proved to be an island, commonly known as Johnson's. The eagle eye of Ed having discovered no signs of cannibals, it was decided to land. But a new predicament arose, how could we release our lookout without his stepping on some of our heads, as shinned down the pole or mast. This was solved by our noble captain, who rising to the occasion, threw out some sky hooks, rigged up some block and tackle and lowered from his perilous position. On landing lunch was served by the ladies committee, which turned out to be the best picnic lunch it has ever been our good fortune to partake of, after which were various sports, with every one participating, until the arrival of the Belle of Andes at dusk.

When the return trip by moonlight was commanded. The big sail boat was commenced. The big sail boat towing along side, there being insufficient win for sailing. Colored lights, roman candles, rockets continued to unfold their brilliant colors as fast as the torch could be applied, until within a mile of the shore, when at the request of the fire works commmitte the big boat was stopped and the balance of the fire works let off in one grand display, until it appeared as though the very lake itself must burn. At the conclusion of this we again weighed anchor, and pulled home, arriving along side the dock at 12 p.m. To one standing on the landing the disembarkation by lantern light, in the neighborhood of a hundred people with their picnic basksets, and bundles, looked for all the world like the unloading of the steam wherrys that convey the emmigrants from the Atlantic liners to Castle Garden. All extend thanks to the management of the Belle of Andes, for a delightful trip. It is impossible here to give the names of all who attended, so we merely mention the various committees and thank the ladies for their glorious spread (Ye gods could we but sit to such a spread again.) Committee, Picnic No. 1, Mesdames Andrews, VanderVoort and Qualey. In conclusion we wish to inform the public generally that the Belle of Andes can be chartered at any time except Sunday for private parties, at a reasonable price. On Sundays the boat makes two trips leaving Lake Andes at 10 a.m., and 2:30 p.m., the round trip being fifty cents.