Title: Amundson Has Gasoline Launch Constructed

ID: cdn.water.boat.0006

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A. Amundson, former owner of The Wave, has just had a gasoline launch constructed to suit the requirements of the lake and is putting a deal of his spare time to mastering the intricacies of a gas dev-engine. A few boats of this character are a much needed improvement on the lake, and while it is to be regretted that Mr. Amundson's boat is for private use only, it is hoped that it will stimulate others to build as well.The diminsions​ of the launch are "length over-all twenty-eight feet, beam six feet, three horse power." Stern wheel propeller and full cabined, the sides being removable at will. It is a safe steady sea boat and the engine which is small in proportion will send it at a speed of five miles an hour with a load of fifteen people. The draught full loaded being fourteen inches.

M. Qualey and T.E. Andrews nixed in a runaway accident Monday evening. They had started for the lake and had got out a short distance when Anton Chytka drove up, and asked them if they did not want to ride. They had not gained far before the team started to run, throwing the occupants of the buggy out upon the ground. Mr. Andrews received some bruises to one of his legs, but is able to be around, but is pretty lame. Mr. Qualey was not so fortunate, he was thrown in such a manner as to fall on his left arm, badly spraining it, as a result he will have to carry his arm in a sling for several weeks. We are glad to say that there were no bones broken. Mr. Chytka was also bruised up considerable.