Title: Water Works System Completed

ID: cdn.water.boat.0014

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Last Friday the water works system was completed and tested. Everything was found to be in first-class condition and the plant was turned over to the town by the contractor.

W.H. Gunsel has started the foundation for a business building on the north side of main street. He expects to have it ready for occupancy in a short time. John Renner is doing the mason work.

Miss Maggie McGuire returned from Yankton last week where Dr. Doyle performed a surgical operation on her throat and ear. She has been quite low but is now much better and will soon fully recover.

The gasolene​ launches and the big boat at the landing at the foot of the lake shore drive are prepared to take out boating and fishing parties at all times. Don't miss a ride on the lake during the Fourth.

Chas. Moneke brought in a sample of corn from his farm four miles south of town, which measures two and one-half feet. Mr. Moneke has a 45-acre field of this kind of corn and we believe it is the best stand of corn in the country.

Sam Eli, the Indian who shot himself in the stomach with a revolver last Tuesday while confined in jail at Greenwood, underwent a successful operation and the bullet removed from his backbone, where it had been lodged, and it is reported he will live.

After being delayed two weeks waiting for machinery the government well contractors have got to work once more and expect to have the well completed in about ten days. After getting their rotary drill to work they soon got the other drill out which was stuck in a rock.