Title: Vessel Turns Over

ID: cdn.water.boat.0026

TEI-encoded XML: cdn.water.boat.0026.xml

Last Saturday evening Captain Bundy and First Mate Jack Moran put out from the Idle Hour Dock in the good ship "Queen of the Lake," with a goodly number of passengers who belonged to the Tabor ball team, bound for the camping ground chosen by the Tabor boys. The out voyage was a smooth one and the end was reached just before eight bells struck. The passengers and cargo were placed upon shore and the crew of the good ship put about for the return voyage. All went well until the vessel reached the south seas when a typhoon struck the fated ship, turning it completely over. The captain and mate had given up all hope but a flash of lightning revealed their peril to Life Station Captain Jud Frank who got out his life boat, attached his line, and with his life preservers, swiftly rowed to the scene of the wreck where he found the shipwrecked marines perched upon the rail of the boat calmly enjoying a smoke in the shelter of the hurricane deck apparently oblivious to their danger of a trip to Davy Jones' locker. With the assistance of the life saving crew the vessel was righted and towed to shore only about 100 yards distance.