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Gleaned from Bright Exchanges

Wheeler Courier

Deputy Sheriff J. E. Craig captured three men who were trying to get out of the county by the means of floating down the river in a skiff. These men were wanted at Oacona on a charge of grand larceny. They were tough looking characters. The Deputy Sheriff of Lyman county came down and took charge of them.

Two young men went out in a boat at Lake Andes last Sunday and on being out from the shore about twenty rods disrobed to take a bath. In some way the boat tipped over and soon went to the bottom. The cry for help was heard by H. D. James, Esq., of Wagner who was in camp on shore. Mr. James hastily jumped into his boat and pulled for the two men who were strugling​ in the water. He arrived none too soon for the men were in an exhausted condition. On being brought to the shore these men vowed they would not get "gay" again on the lake. In addition to their clothes a gold watch and about twenty-five dollars in money and a boat lies in the bottom of the lake and they themselves had a miraculous escape from drowning.