Title: Bundy Launch Gets New Paint, Engine Overhaul

ID: cdn.water.boat.0031

TEI-encoded XML: cdn.water.boat.0031.xml

J.H. Bundy once more has his launch in commission. It has been treated to a new coat of paint and the engine overhauled and is now one of the niftiest pleasure crafts on Lake Andes.

"Tri-County News - Ye Editor and the "Devil" returned from a very pleasant fishing tour to Lake Andes last Monday night after an outing which lasted from Friday until Tuesday, of this week. To say that we enjoyed our trip is putting the same mildly but we certainly did not have the luck of former trips and those we promised a mess of fish will have to be contented with "the next time we go." We are sorry that we were not able to fetch home a greater amount of finny monsters of the beautiful Lake Andes. While in the town of Lake Andes we were treated royally by our former townsman F.A. Anderson who did everything in his power to make the trip pleasant for us and we appreciate his efforts very much. We also met Mr. Rogers of the Lake Andes Wave, who is the handy man around the office, and enjoyed a pleasant hour in the sanctum sanctorium of Brother Corey. We shall not forget the trip to the Lake Town for these many moons and hope in the very near future to return to get more of the finny tribe.