Title: Some More Double Crossers

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The fishing season opened last week at about fifty artificial lakes in various parts of the state, but it didn't affect Lake Andes, because there is no fishing here. This lake but a few years ago was one of the best bass, croppie and blue gill fishing resorts in the middle west. For years the receipts from fishing licenses because of Lake Andes averaged more than $10,000 per year and besides attracted fishermen from all the surrounding states who spent money in the state.

That condition is stuffed into the discard by by the double-dealing of a bunch of politicians of both political parties.

The federal apportionment of matching dollars with the state fish and game department will be withdrawn July 1st, and the spillway will go by the boards, the lake remain a mud-hole full of carp and every hope for the come back of the lake blasted.

During Gov. Green's administration all sorts of promises were made but nothing was done. The democrats​ said that if they got in power they would dam​ soon straighten the matter out. Well, they are in complete control and the prospects for action are just as promising as in the previous administration.

If immediate aid from the game department is not forth-coming​ , the artesian wells should be plugged, the lake permitted to dry up and the land used for farming purposes, as the bed would produce wonderful crops and the county aided by additional taxes from the squatters, homesteaders, or purchasers. Both political parties have been reprehensible in this project.