Title: All Heat Records Here Were Knocked "Cold"

ID: cdn.water.lake.0005

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From Monday of last week until Monday evening of this week, the temperature heretofore in this locality was mockery in comparison. A hundred in the shade was considered moderate to where the mercury climbed during the afternoon and up to almost sunset.

The climax was reached several afternoons when the heat reached 113 down to 106 or there abouts. The hot winds in the afternoons baked all vegetation, especially the corn and gardens and the more tender plants. Poultry, birds, horses and cattle not protected by shade and without an abundance of water, suffered agonies and in many instances succumbed.

Not only was South Dakota so affected, but all parts of the country agonized by the terrific heat and blistering winds. On Monday evening of this week a rain came that dampened the parched ground and reduced the heat 20 or 30 degrees, giving all living creatures a much needed cooling off and a chance for a night's rest.

No deaths were reported here because of the heat, but farmers claimed considerable losses of poultry and farm animals that were old and none too robust.