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Local Overflow

The court calendar is small this term and will likely be concluded this week.

Dr. Launspach was called to Platte to fulfill his first duties in connection with his office.

The state legislature is going to pass a 2-cent railroad passenger rate law. We hope the law will pass and held constitutional.

Ira Steele has been appointed deputy sheriff. Ira is a hustler and we know he will execute the duties of his office in a most satisfactory manner.

John Bundy and wife were passengers on Tuesday evening's train. John is just back from his honeymoon and looks as happy as a bird in May.

A Basket social and dance will be held at Picotte's Friday, January 22nd. Proceeds to be used for the benefit of the Catholic church. Everybody come.

Hon. Frank Trumbo introduced a bill in the house of representatives at Pierre providing for fam-