Title: South Road Needs Grading

ID: cdn.water.lake.0013

TEI-encoded XML: cdn.water.lake.0013.xml

Farmers to the east of Lake Andes who make this town their trading point are compelled to go a long distance south of the established road on the south end of the lake on account of the water having raised until now it covers the old grade to a depth of nearly two feet. This matter of grading up the road should have been attended to last fall, when a good job could have been accomplished. At this time it is almost impossible and a waste of time to try and grade it up. Our citizens, and especially the business men, should see that this road is built up during the coming season. There is tons upon tons of rock within one-half mile of the road in question that could be used to ballast up the sides of the grade and thus prevent the grade from washing away. Until this is done, we will always have the same miserable and impassable road to contend with each spring, and as a natural consequence this town will loose much valuable trade and patronage which rightfully belongs here.