Title: Robinson Narrowly Escapes Death

ID: cdn.water.wells.0002

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Will Robinson, who is working with the R. F. Austin well drilling rig, had a very narrow escape from death last Friday. They are putting down a well at the Peterson place, north of town, and when down to a depth of 90 feet struck a large stone, which they dynamited. After waiting a few hours Mr. Robinson was let down in the well to loosen the pieces, and after working a few minutes became unconscious.

Mr. Austin went down in the well at once and brought him up, and a doctor was summoned at once. It was not until Saturday morning, about 3 o'clock that Mr. Robinson finally regained consciousness. Mr. Austin had let a lantern down the well just before Mr. Robinson went down, and the light burned perfectly, consequently they thought the air was clear. Since the accident, however, they have learned that dynamite gives off a gas that does not affect a light. It was a mighty close call.